Have Laptop, Will Travel – College on the Go


Back in the 1960s, one of the legendary Nat King Cole’s last hits was called “Those Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Summer”. As the song said, it was a time of soda, popcorn and beer. Again, that was the 1960s. Fifty years later, gone are the days when summer school was only for students who needed to catch up or retake certain classes. Now, smart and savvy students working towards online degrees don’t use their summer break as a time to relax or a part time job. The new trend is to study during the summer.

Because online degrees offer room for flexible study, many students are now choosing to work year-round in order to obtain their degrees more quickly. This can be doubly advantageous because the student can also hold down a summer job, preferably an internship position, and take their summer courses during their off-time.

It’s been found that many attending schools online don’t actually want a summer break from studying. The idea is they already have a head of steam going, so why lose it? This way they maintain their momentum and don’t have to get back in an academic frame of mind around Labor Day.

In fact, one of the more interesting objections said student might run into will come from their family, especially if the clan has planned a summer vacation. As it turns out, the student should never refuse the opportunity to travel. He or she just packs a laptop and with that and an Internet connection, they will never be far away from his or her courses. As long as the hotel (or beach) has Internet, an online degree student is free to travel anywhere.

However, enrolling in one of the many accredited schools online need not be restricted to individuals working towards online degree programs only. Students who attend more traditional on-campus institutions may decide they want to take certain courses over the summer in order to complete their bachelor’s degrees or associates degrees in less time. Online courses can give them that opportunity.

A special note to parents or those with additional responsibilities besides taking courses; you may also want to take your online degree faster. Summer study can help you shave as much as a year on a bachelor’s program. This means that they will be closer to graduating and obtaining the degree for that higher-paying job for your and your family.

For parents who have their children attending an online course or two, understand you will still be able to spend more time with them. You also cut down on potential child care costs of putting them up in a dorm and such if they choose to pursue their online degree year-round.